Management Team


Directors Listing

FY 2012/2013





Stanley Jackson
President, CEO






Class A
(Civic and Community Organizations)

Greylin Presbury - Fairlawn Citizen's Association, Inc.
Novell Sullivan - Anacostia Coordinating Council
Stephanie Howard (Vice Chair) - Congress Heights Civic Assn.
Stan Voudrie - Business Improvement District (BID)


Class B

Adriane Lowrie
Donna V. Morrow
Diane Fleming
Theresa Howe-Jones
Al Williams
Edith Cromwell


Class C

(Appointed Members)

T'Chaka Sapp
James T. Speight, Jr.
Maurice A. Patterson
Pamela B. Stuart, Esq.
Cindy Athey


The AEDC Albert R. "Butch" Hopkins Memorial
Scholarship Foundation Board Members


Diane Fleming - Chairperson

Adriane Lowrie
Rick Muse, Jr.
T'Chaka Sapp
Al Williams
Donna Morrow
Pamela B. Stuart, Esq.


Anacostia Holding Company

Board of Directors


Alberto Gomez - Prince Construction Company
James T. Speight, Jr. - United Planning Organization
Pamela B. Stuart, Esq.
Glenda Wheeler, Esq.
Marc R. Lippman, Esq. - Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas
Maurice A. Patterson - M&T Bank
Stan Jackson
Kenneth Vinston - United Planning Organization


Comptroller Crystal Johnson

Crystal Johnson


Director of Small Business Development Center at AEDC William C. Hague

William C. Hague
Director of Small Business Development Center


Business Development Specialist William Jameson

William Jameson
Business Development Specialist


Business Counselor Amanda Stephenson

Amanda Stephenson
Business Counselor





Project Coordinator Monique Henson

Monique Henson
Project Coordinator