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As a wholly-owned subsidiary, the AHC does employ key staff that provide operational and administrative services to the AEDC. Principle AEDC staff persons provide operational and administrative support to the AHC in correspondingly three major areas.


  • Stanley Jackson, President,CEO and Senior Administrative Officer for AHC.  Mr. Jackson is responsible for all administrative aspects of the AHC, as approved by the Board of Directors. Also he is responsible for the development of all program and project participation of the AHC, as approved by the Board of Directors.


  • Crystal H. Johnson, Comptroller and Fiscal Officer to the AHC.  Ms. Johnson is responsible for the compilation and maintenance of all financial information relative to the activities of the AHC.                                             


  • William Hague, Vice President for Business Development to the Holding Company.


The AHC also utilizes the services of, other AEDC staff and consultants as needed to responsibly discharge the activities associated with managing and participating in the various projects in the company’s portfolio.


The AHC is a participant in several Washington, DC based real estate development ventures.  AHC is a limited partner in the Republic Square Limited Partnership, as well as a limited partner in the Knox Hill Village Limited Partnership. 


The AHC was one of the original incorporators of the Eastcoast Development Corporation (EDC).  The EDC is a real estate development company comprised of and owned by three entities, AHC, TELACU Development Company and Commonwealth Holding Company, Inc.  Each of the three entities owns an equal one-third interest in EDC.


The AHC through its ownership of EDC is a general partner in the Washington, DC based Portals Development Associates, Limited Partnership sponsors of the continuing development of the Washington Portals sites located in Southwest Washington, DC. The EDC has been an investor in the Essence Communications, Inc. venture and was one of the original investors in District Cablevision, Inc.



The Anacostia Holding Company (AHC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), a Community Development Corporation organized and registered to conduct business in the District of Columbia.  The Anacostia Holding Company was incorporated in 1981 and created to undertake and participate in various types of real estate and business development transactions principally in the District of Columbia.  Recent real estate development projects that AHC has undertaken are the Washington Portals office project, located in southwest Washington, DC, the Republic Square office project, located in the unit block of Massachusetts Avenue NW, and the Knox Hill Village residential project located in southeast Washington, DC.



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